Due to the changes required by Alberta Health Services and our governing body (The Alberta Dental Association & College) we are utilizing extra precautions to take care of your family.  


What has changed in our office?


  1. Each member in our team will be screened at the beginning of the day for Covid-19 symptoms. Each member will be signing a consent form stating that they are healthy and feeling 100% to work.  Their temperature will be checked and they will be wearing enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE).


  1. We will pre-screen every patient when confirming their appointment.  Pre-Screening questions include symptoms and history of travel.
  2. Patients will be asked to bring only one caregiver. Siblings that do not have an appointment will be asked to stay home.
  3. There will not be any toys in the waiting room when you arrive, and families will be socially distanced.
  4. When arriving you will be asked to sanitize your hands and your child’s hands, and parents must wear a mask (which is provided) while in the reception area as well as during the duration of their child’s appointment.
  5. A screening and consent form will be signed by each family before your child’s procedure.
  6. Your child will be escorted to their operatory and one parent can accompany as long as a mask is worn.
  7. Once your child’s procedure is finished, we will escort you and your child to check out and exit through our dedicated area of dismissal.


For more details for the updated office tour please click the link to our YouTube video and please watch it with your child before their next appointment! Click Here!

The changes that all dental offices are going through is resulting in the need for many to make some changes. Our goal is to continue to provide excellent care without having to increase any fees.  In order to do this, we will now accept full payment at the time of service and your insurance company will reimburse you directly.

In order to continue helping our current and future patients Dr. Prabhdeep is now offering virtual consultations for families that do not feel comfortable coming into the office at this time. This virtual consult will address specific dental concerns that your child may have, oral hygiene instruction, and guide you through any natural changes that may be happening in your child’s mouth as they grow.  This virtual consultation does not replace an examination and is not covered by insurance companies at this time.  The cost for this visit will be $40.00.  It is our way of helping our little Smile Team teammates stay healthy and empower excellent preventative habits even if they are not comfortable coming into the office.

We want to thank all our Smile Team families for their ongoing patience throughout these times. We appreciate every single one of you and truly are thankful for the love and support we have received over the past couple months. Although we will potentially experience some growing pains and changes throughout the next while, we are confident that with our new protocols we will be able to see our patients in the safest way.

Familiarity is very helpful for children so we have made this video to demonstrate our new protocols as well as help our families feel more comfortable and less overwhelmed when they arrive for their appointment.

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