Meet Dr. Jenny Coutu

Pediatric Dentist, Calgary AB

Meet Dr. Jenny Coutu

Dr. Jenny is a Pediatric Dentist here at The Smile Team. Her home town is Fort McMurray, AB, and she is the middle of 3 kids!

In her spare time Dr. Jenny likes to do yoga, cross country ski, toboggan, go to the park with her son Finn, garden and read. Her favorite sport to watch is hockey but her favorite sport to play is cross country skiing.

Her favorite Paw Patrol pup is Chase.

Dr. Jenny?s favorite color is pink. Her childhood movie is the Little Mermaid because of the silly songs and characters. Her hidden talent is that she is good at art and painting.

We asked Dr. Jenny why she chose to work in pediatrics… Her response was ?When I first practiced dentistry I was in a rural town and I saw all of the kids at our office. This is where I first developed a love of working with children. When kids visit the dentist from an early age we are able to shape their experience so that it is fun and positive. Sometimes children are nervous or have had a bad experience in the past. When we can help them overcome those fears and give them confidence…there is no better feeling! Prevention is a key aspect of pediatric dentistry. Educating kids and parents about oral health and preventing cavities is totally rewarding.

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