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Meet Dr. Prabhdeep Chahal

Dr. Prabhdeep Chahal is the creator of The Smile Team Pediatric Dentistry. She was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and moved to Calgary with her family when she was 15 years old. She has always worked with children, whether it was as a camp counsellor, a lifeguard and swim instructor, or a pediatric dentist! She is incredibly passionate about giving the children of our community as much support as we can to help them thrive in all aspects of their life.

Dr. Prabhdeep has had extensive training to become a leader in her field. After finishing an honours degree in Biochemistry at the University of Saskatchewan in 2003, she completed dental school at the University of Manitoba in 2007. She then practiced general dentistry, seeing both adults and children in Calgary and Ontario.

Five years and two kids later, she decided to pursue her passion for pediatric dentistry and began teaching pediatric dentistry at Western Ontario. She then completed a rigorous residency program at the State University of New York at Buffalo and became a board certified pediatric dentist in both Canada and the United States.

Dr. Prabhdeep continues to learn the most innovative techniques in pediatric dentistry and is an active part of the dental community in Calgary. She currently serves as the President of the Calgary and District Gnathology Study Club and is a member of many other professional organizations in Calgary and across North America.

In her spare time you can find Dr. Prabhdeep staying active with her husband and 3 young children. She loves to hike, swim, and dance!


Chelan is a RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) and the face behind our social media! She has been with us for almost 1 year. Her home town is Cochrane, AB and she is the second eldest of 5 kids!

In her spare time Chelan likes to be outside, swimming, spending time with her family, or playing with her puppy @yotabeach. Her favorite sport to watch is football but her favorite sport to play is basketball.

Her favorite Paw Patrol pup is Rubble.

Chelan’s favorite color is yellow. Her childhood movie is the Emperors New Groove because it’s funny and can always put you in a good mood. Her favorite super hero is Iron Man because he has the best sense of humor out of the super hero’s.

We asked Chelan why she chose to work in pediatrics… Her response was “I love to be a part of helping kids overcome their fears and challenges. It’s so rewarding to see these kids grow up and become so brave.”


Kelsey is a RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) and has been with us for two years! She was born in Trochu Alberta and moved to Calgary three years ago. Her favorite color is blue and she is the youngest of 3 kids.

In her spare time Kelsey likes to be outside, spend time with her family and travel. Kelsey’s secret talent is dancing! She has danced down Main Street USA Disney California, Florida and on Carnival Cruiselines! Kelsey also enjoys playing baseball and volleyball. ️

Kelsey’s favorite pup from Paw Patrol is Zumba.

Kelsey’s favorite childhood movie is The Little Rascals! Her favorite super hero is Super Woman because she is a strong independent woman.

We asked Kelsey why she chose to work in pediatrics… Her response was “I was the child that suffered from dental anxiety. I feel blessed to have a role in helping the child to have a positive experience. It is the best feeling watching them walk out with a smile on their face.”


My name is Courtney. My favourite color is pastel pink. In my spare time I love to exercise, I like to spend about an hour every day at the gym focusing on different muscle groups. I like cooking up new recipes that incorporate healthier ingredients to share with friends and family. I also love to color!

My favourite sport to watch is Football . My favourite sport to play is Softball. I have 2 pets, Luna and Pepper. My hometown is Calgary, AB. I have 1 sibling, Chase, who is 5 years younger than me. My Favourite Disney movie is Mary Poppins, I’ve always wanted a magical suitcase like the one Marry Poppins carried.

My favourite Paw Patrol puppy is Chase . My favourite superhero is Baby Groot,
I don’t think he qualifies as a superhero but he’s cute and makes me laugh.
My hidden talent is …. I don’t have one

Why did I choose to work in pediatrics? To be honest I had never considered pediatircs prior to this job however I absolutely adore children so when the opportunity presented itself I took it and have loved it ever since, I love being apart of the positive experience a child has at the dentist!

I have worked at The Smile Team for 2 years


Barb is an Office Administrator and has been with the Smile Team Family for just about one year! Barb is originally from Winnipeg but she has lived here in Calgary for 20+ years. Her favorite color is Cabernet Sauvignon and she has one older sister!

In her spare time Barb likes to go to yoga, downhill ski, swim, kayak, sing in choir, and spend time with her family. Barb has two kids and a cat named Jazz. Her favorite sport to watch is college basketball with her husband.

Barbs favorite pup from Paw Patrol is Skye.

Her favorite childhood movie is Mary Poppins because she has always wanted to fly by umbrella! She also says that this is her favorite because Julia Andrews is the best and she loves her voice.

Barbs secret talent is singing, she likes the way it makes her feel. Her favorite super hero is Elastigirl because not only is she a super hero but she is also a mom – they have a lot in common.

We asked Barb why she chose to work in pediatrics… Her response was “I LOVE working with kids! I have my early childhood education degree, and I have taught childhood music classes so it is a good fit for me!”


Talia is a RDA (Registered Dental Assistant)
She has been with us for 6 months. Her hometown is Cardston, AB and she has 2 younger brothers.

In her Spare time Talia loves to read, cook, DIY, travel, go for a drive, listen to good music or watch a movie with friends and family. She loves to spend as much time as she can in the sun.

Talia’s secret talent is that she can eat a meal at a restaurant then go home and figure out how to replicate it without a recipe.

Her favourite sport to watch is hockey . Her favourite sports to play are rugby, soccer and competitive swimming.

Her favourite Paw Patrol pup is Everest.

Talia’s favourite childhood movie is Anastasia and Indiana Jones. She loved the adventure’s they went on and the places they got to see.

Her favourite superhero is Black Widow because she has no super powers and still holds her own with the rest of the Avengers.

We asked Talia why she chose to work in pediatrics. Her response was, “I grew up teaching kids swimming lessons, or how to play soccer. Nothing beats being around kids all day, they make working fun. If I can do my part and make a difficult thing like dentistry a positive fun experience for a child it’s just the best feeling in the world.”

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